 EE: 338 Power Systems (UG level)
 Introduction to Electrical Engineering (UG level)
 Restructured Power Systems: Operation and Management (PG level)
 High Voltage DC and Flexible AC Transmission Systems (PG level)
 Solar PV: Basics, Technology and Applications (PG level)



I have been quite involved in outreach activities – invited talks, organizing the training programs/workshops – to disseminate the research results to the academic communities at the various institutions. (Most recent activities are listed below)

    • IEEE Power & Energy Society, Singapore Chapter Technical talks on 1) Smart Distribution Grid – Towards Efficient Electricity Management 2) Short-term Forecasting for Optimal Generation Scheduling and Demand Management, at National University of Singapore, 18 May, 2018.
    • Invited talks on: 1) Smart grid in India: path towards efficient and environmentally sustainable electricity access 2) Short-term forecasting for optimal generation scheduling and demand management, at Newton-Bhabha training school at NIT Surathkal, Karnataka, 16 February 2018.
    • Talks (02) delivered: 1) Forecasting in Electricity Markets and 2) Ancillary Services in Electricity Markets,  in short-term course on Power System Economics being organized at IIT Kanpur’ Noida Extension Center, Dec 13-17, 2017.
  • Invited lecture on Smart Grid and Short-term Forecasting in Energy Management in Newton-Bhabha workshop on Sustainability of energy systems through smart grid and renewable energy integration at CHARUSAT University, December 12-13, 2017.